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Cathy Cat

ドイツ ミュンヘン
身 長
特 技

ドイツ、ミュンヘン生まれ。日本語、英語、ドイツ語と3ヶ国語を話すトライリンガル。イギリス・チェスター大学で英語文学の学士主席卒業、演劇教育の修士号を取得後、活動拠点を日本に。 幼少期から日本のアニメ、音楽、ファッション、カルチャーに興味があり原宿ファッション、コスプレイヤーとしてYouTubeデビュー。 現在、原宿ファッショニスタ、コスプレイヤー、女優、インタビュアー、といろんな顔を持つマルチタレント。 語学力・演技力・知力を活かして日本・海外で積極的に活動中。

Multilingual Cathy Cat is originally from Germany, Munich but has moved around the world several times. Cathy went to graduate with honours at the University of Chester with a Bachelor in English literature in the UK. She further attained another Masters in Drama in Education in Chester and a Masters in Science Fiction studies with distinction at Liverpool University.
Cathy Cat has acted in stage plays and musicals in Germany, the UK and Japan. She also held creative writing workshops, Open Mic nights and launched a Japanese culture convention in the UK. In Japan she has appeared on several TV programme such as "YOU ha nani shi ni nihon he", "ZIP", "Zoom in Saturday", "Mezamashi TV" and been a semi-regular on the TBS show "TOKYO EXTRA".
2017 Cathy Cat started working as cultural reporter for the international news programme NHK WORLD. Her travel section called "Cat's Eye" appears weekly inside of NHK's NEWSROOM TOKYO.
She also specialises in Japanese street fashion (Lolita Fashion, Gothic Fashion, Decora Fashion) as well as "Cool Japan" culture (Anime, Manga, Cosplay) as well as Japanese music and makeup. She documents her journeys in Japan, fashion and more on her personal YouTube channel "Cathy Cat". She is also the main host of the channel Ask Japanese which has over 100K subscribers and does makeup tutorials for the Youtube channel Kawaii Pateen.
2017 she was also invited as guest to Anime Matsuri Houston in the USA where she hosted stage events, held panels and documented the event itself.
As multilingual performance talent Cathy Cat is always open to new challenges.